M88DR5DB01  -  DDR5 Data Buffer (DB)

The M88DR5DB01 is a dual 4-bit bidirectional data buffer with differential strobes designed for 1.1V operation voltage. It is compliant with JEDEC DDR5DB01 specification and supports operating speeds up to DDR5-4800. A DDR5 LRDIMM uses one DDR5 RCD plus 10 DB devices with 5 DBs for each sub-channel, to support on-die ECC and max. prefetch of 16n, thus enabling increased memory capacity, wide bandwidth and robust performance for the memory system used in the high-end multi-core server.


Compliant with JEDEC DDR5DB01 specification

Speed up to DDR5-4800

Dual 4-bit bidirectional retiming and 1:1 redriving of DQ signals

Regeneration of data strobe (DQS) from input clock

FIFOs on DQ path for decoupling Host and DRAM interface time domains

Up to 2 package ranks supported

Up to two x4 DRAMs supported

On-die ECC supported

DRAM periodic update supported

1.1V VDD voltage

Green package: Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)

High-performance DDR5 LRDIMM

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