DDR4 Products

Montage offers high-performance, low-power DDR4 solutions for the mainstream DDR4 DIMMs including registered dual inline memory modules (RDIMMs) and load-reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs), to enable advancements in storage performance, scalability and power efficiency for server and cloud computing applications.DDR4 Product List

DDR4 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) for RDIMM

Montage's DDR4 Registering Clock Driver (RCD) product supports both RDIMM and LRDIMM modes for use in DDR4 memory system based server platforms. The RCD is compliant with JEDEC specifications and can be used independently as a central buffer on an RDIMM to enable high capacity for the memory systems.

DDR4 RCD plus DDR4 Data Buffers for LRDIMM

Montage uses one dual-mode DDR4 RCD in conjunction with nine DDR4 Data Buffers (DB) for an LRDIMM to provide high capacity and low power for memory systems. In this architecture, each data byte lane in LRDIMM is isolated or buffered, which enables higher speed operation than capable on a standard RDIMM.

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